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  • You can save water in the toilet:  Fill a small plastic bottle (about one litre) with water and place this in your toilet cistern, ensure it is out of the way of the flushing mechanism and you will save water every flush.
  • Toilets often leak.  To test, place several drops of food dye into the cistern, if colour appears in the bowl you need to have your cistern inspected by one of our plumbers.
  • If you have an old 12 L cistern you can replace it with a modern 4 L model, ask us about how to do this today because you will not only save water but money for years to come.
  • Always wait until you have a full laundry load, install a grey water diverter to water your garden, ask us about how to do this.
  • When you are washing your dishes, you can use a small plastic trough, something like you would go camping with, often these fit in kitchen sinks and mean you need less water to have a high level.  When you are finished washing your dishes, simply take the trough outside and water your plants.

  • Reduce your shower time to 4 minutes, buy a shower timer or listen to you favourite song that is around the same amount of time.  Sing in the shower saves water!

  • Install an energy efficient shower head, this reduces the flow of water to a fraction of old shower roses.  The cost of a new shower head is a fraction of the costs associated with high levels of hot water consumption, so you will over time save water and money on your energy bills.

  • Of course the easiest way to save water is to shower with a friend, or a bucket! Capture every last drop for the garden.

  • Dripping taps can waste alot of water.  Consider that a tap will expel around 16 litres of water every minute, a flow restrictor will reduce this down to around 9 litres per minute.  However, a leaking tap int he house or in the garden can leak from 30-200 litres per day.  Fixing leaking taps when you first notice them will save you money and water.


You can find more water saving tips from these websites:

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Water Saving Tips

Did you know the average person uses hundreds of litres of precious drinking water every day?  The Victorian Government has set the target for reducing water consumption down to 150 litres per day.  Read more about how you can save water.

Regular maintenance of all your taps, toilets and fixtures can help saving water.  Read More

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